Your local eco-friendly electronics recycling center

Dear eWasteNot WantNot clients,

   I would like to sincerely thank you for your business over the past ten years.  We have ceased accepting electronics for recycling, but I'm excited to inform you that we would like to recommend Black River Recycling, 11531 Chicago Drive  (a division of Padnos) to meet your future electronics recycling needs.  Your new electronics contact person will be Tony Gleason, you can reach him at (616) 551-5919 or Tony can arrange for a pick-up of your electronics, or you can deliver them directly to Black River Recycling or any one of Padnos’ 18 collection locations in Michigan.

  I have confidence Padnos will meet all your electronics recycling needs and will be able to take the electronics recycling industry in Western Michigan to a whole new level.

 Again, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.


Jeff Haveman












11007 Chicago Dr, Zeeland MI 49464

Since 2005, eWasteNot WantNot has been committed to the environmentally sound practice of recycling computers, computer components, and other electronic equipment.  We have over 26 years of combined solid waste and computer industry experience. With this knowledge and experience we endeavor to be good stewards of the earth and provide an alternative to contaminating our landfills.

IndentWe offer free recycling to West Michigan and the Lakeshore. We currently serve corporations, healthcare, small business, education, as well as households.  (fees apply for pickup service, certified physical destruction of HDD's, tube televisions and large quantities of CRT's)






Mission Statement

 “At eWasteNot WantNot our goal is to provide our customers with affortable recycling services while protecting them from environmental and data security liabilities.”